The condominium is not a new phenomenon in terms of real-estate development in Quebec, the first condominiums divides that have emerged around 1970.


Since then, we saw the changing trends in style projects : multi-story condominium, townhouse, triplex building. Some are certainly more luxurious than others, and the units have impressive living areas, often over 1000 square feet.


But it is above all the enthusiasm on the part of manufacturers and buyers. The latter sees the opportunity to own at lower cost, other than the maintenance of common areas is done externally,...

When we look at housing starts, you immediately notice the new trend :


In 2011, 7,161 rental units have been started accross Quebec (down 20% from 2010). While the construction of 15,969 condominium units began representing a record in Quebec.


Faced with this phenomenon and our expertise, Property Management Ges-Mar Inc. is able to offer to both manufacturers and trade unions existing service quality management, effecient and hassle free.

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