Our mission consists in managing skillfully and effectively your real-estate goods so as to maximize their profitability.


Ges-Mar Inc. aims at maximizing the value of your buildings while meeting your needs. We privilege effective and rapid methods of management which contribute to ensure the well-being of all the parties, and this, at the best possible cost.


We make it possible to you to maximize your investment by:



- Screening of tenants

- Credit checks

- Negotiation of leases and renewals

- Collection of rents

- Rental follow-up

- Advertising : preparation, booking, follow-up

- Computerized services :

  • Lease management

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounts receivable and payroll

  • Budget preparation

  • Interim financial statements

- Annual Audit

- Turnaround of buildings difficult financial situations

- General administration :

  • Relationship with owner

  • Preparation of material and documentation for joint meetings

  • Follow-up on the execution of the owner's instructions and/or policies

- Legal :

  • Representation and attendance at the Rental Board

  • Preparation of cases for the Rental Board

  • Follow-up on Rental Board decisions

  • Drafting of special rules and regulations for tenants

  • Review of municipal tax assessments and filing of opposition to these of necessary


- Development of preventive maintenance programs

- Planning for building appreciation and increase in profitability

- Planning and monitoring of maintenance and renovation projects

- Supervision of daily maintenance

- Weekly physical inspection

- Inspection of each apartment before rental

- Solicitation of bids and negotiation of contracts for minor projects

- Analysis of bids for major projects with outside consultants if necessary

-24-hour availability for emergencies

Project revenues

- Establishment of revenue objectives

- Preparation of strategy to attain objectives

- Analysis of surrounding area rental market

- Development of rental strategy

- Reduction of annual turnover of tenants

- Daily follow-up on lease renewals

- Evaluation of services offered vs apartment pricing

- Control and assessment of each expense item


- Operating Budget :

  • Estimate of revenues and expenses

  • Discussions with owner

  • Monthly follow-up and joint meetings

- Budget for major projects :

  • Discussion with and approval by the owner

- Capital budget :

  • Analysis of major expenses for the upgrading of the property

  • Negotiations with creditors if additional financing is required

- Monthly Stewardship Report :

  • Balance sheet

  • List of accounts payable and rents receivable

  • Progress report on major projects

  • Operating statement

- Cash Management :

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Authorization and signature of cheques

  • Payment of invoices

  • Payroll

  • Collection of rents

  • Dealing with creditors

  • Monitoring of expenses

- Income Taxes :

  • Preparation of annual tax receipts for tenants

Others services

- Consultation on the acquisition and sale of income

- Producing properties

- Mortgage negotiations for renewals

- Search for new mortgage financing

- Personnel :

  • Hiring-Training (rental-maintenance-administration)

  • Daily follow-up

  • Salary negotiation

  • Weekly evaluation

  • Dismissal and replacement of personnel

- Insurances :

  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of premium at maturity

  • Payment of premiums

-  Security and maintenance of common areas : elevators, garages and parking,…

- Assessment and monitoring of snow removal and landscaping contracts 

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