GES-MAR Inc. has the infrastructure and experience to manage the trade unions of large and small :

Our managers are qualified, available and effective.

Our customer service answers all your questions 7 days/7.

Our accountants to ensure compliance and accuracy of each transaction.

Many administrators and owners are questioning their responsibilities within their condominium association, including that of the daily operations of a union.


Ges-Mar Inc. has developed services at this level and provides opportunities for small condominium corporations (between 6 and 30 condominium units) to get help in their administrative and operational tasks with a la carte services and/or administrative services as the basis for reasonable cost and in order to ease your daily tasks.


If one or need(s) specific(s) of operation is (are), you have the ability to ask for a support operation at a flat rate. This approach ensures that you only pay for a basic service and that your other needs are met unpredictable nature only when you deem it necessary. You are therefore able to fully control your costs to your actual needs rather than have these services included in your cost base which then becomes high enough to compensate for these sporadic service during your fiscal year.

We can offer you the following :




- Establish a preventive maintenance program

- Suggestions for improvements on current operations

- Planning and supervision of major construction, maintenance and renovation

- Supervision of maintenance

- Inspection and evaluation of the building

- Tender and contract negotiation minor

- Submission and negotiation of major contracts evaluated by a specialist consultant

- Concierge service

- Support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (In case of emergency)

Service Contracts

- Sourcing of services

- Negotiation of contracts

- Supervision of service providers


- Recruitment

- Training

- Supervision of the tasks to be performed

- Salary revisions

- Assessment of staff

- Dismissal and replacement of personnel

General Administration

- Communication with owners

- Management of complaints

- Preparation of annual general meetings of owners (AGM)

- Monitoring of implementation and compliance of the condominium

Computerized Services

- Management of condominium fees

- Full accounting

- Payment of accounts

- Preparation of budgets

- Financial reports


- Negotiation of terms and conditions of renewal premiums to maturity

- Payment of Premiums

- Disaster Management

Managements of Financial Resources

- Operating Budget (Revenues and expenditures) :

  • Discussions with co-owner's

  • Follow-up and joint meetings

- Budget for major projects :

  • Discussion with and approval by the co-owner's

- Monthly Management Report :

  • Statement of operating

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

- Cash Management :

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Approval and signing of checks

  • Preparation of payments

  • Payroll service available

  • Perception of condominium fees and others costs

  • Payment and control

Others Services

- Mortgage negotiations for renewals

- Search for new mortgage financing

- Analysis of major expenses for the upgrading of the property

- Negotiations with creditors if additional financing is required

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at (514) 866-1587 or by