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Committed property management concerned with flawless management

Who are we?

Since 1983

Gestion Immobilière Ges-Mar inc. has been a property manager since 1983, and more specifically in condominium management since 1994.

Gestion Immobilière Ges-Mar inc. has developed an effective management method focused on meeting your property management needs.

Currently, GES-MAR inc. works in the condominium and multi-unit residential sectors.
Our mission is to skillfully and efficiently manage your property so as to maximize the well-being of co-owners at the best possible cost.

At Gestion Immobilière Ges-Mar inc., We have decided to split the tasks in order to stabilize those falling directly to the manager. Each employee has their own role and takes care of running their part efficiently without running around all over the place.

Finally, we hold the professional insurance required for the management of such projects.

Our team

Gestion Immobilière Ges-Mar inc. is made up of qualified professionals who have decades of experience.

Everyone brings their expertise so that together we can complete all the projects necessary for sound building management.

Our team is multidisciplinary and we are proud of it because we can manage all aspects of your building.

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